Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen when I submit the form on the website or call 1-800-CashOffer (1-800-227-4633)?

When you contact 1-800-CashOffer, we will jump into action. We’ll discuss the your goals, details of your home, and then schedule an appointment to visit your home and make you a solid cash offer.

Once I get a Cash Offer, am I under any obligation to sell my home at that price?

There is never any obligation to sell your house with 1-800-CashOffer. We’ll make you an offer to buy your house, and help you evaluate all your options. Only when you’re ready to sell will we move forward.

What happens when I accept the Cash Offer?

When you accept our Cash Offer, our professional homebuyer will begin the process purchase your home on the date and time that works best for you. We can often close in as little as a week, or if you need more time to move, we’ll schedule a closing date that fits with your schedule. In some cases we are able to purchase the house, and then give you additional time before moving out.

Are there any fees for this service?

Unlike with real estate agents or online “iBuyers” like Opendoor, Offerpad, Knock, and Zillow, our offer won’t have any commissions, transaction fees, costs of repairs, or other discounts to the offer price. What we offer you is what you get – we don’t charge any fees and want to be up front with exactly how much you’ll walk away with.

Is 1-800-CashOffer associated with the “We Buy Houses” signs I see on the street corners and telephone poles?

Absolutely not. The truth is, you really don’t know who is behind those signs, and they are often we buy houses scams or get-rich-quick schemes. By calling 1-800-CashOffer or completing a quick sale form you can you be assured that you are dealing with a Certified Professional Homebuyer who has the cash and the experience to buy your home fast, with cash, and actually close.

Do you buy houses in my city?

Our nationwide network of 1-800-CashOffer professional homebuyers buys houses in almost every state and community. Seattle, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Denver, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Boston and thousands more – we buy houses in nearly every city.

Does my house have to be in any particular condition to sell it to 1-800-CashOffer?

No! We buy houses in any condition. We’ve bought complete fire damaged homes needing complete tear down to houses that were outdated and need just about everything replaced. You also don’t need to clean out your house, leave behind old furniture, trash, clutter – our crews will clean all of it up!

Does 1-800-CashOffer only buy houses?

We buy all types of property including commercial buildings, duplexes, quadplexes, condos, townhouses, apartment complexes, bare land, and mobile homes with land attached.

I still have some questions about 1-800-CashOffer.

No problem! Just give us a call at 1-800-CashOffer visit the Contact Us page. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

OK, I am ready! What do I do to sell my home to 1-800-CashOffer?

You’ve made a great decision! Just complete the Sell My House form and you’ll be on your way to your Cash Offer!

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