How It Works

You have probably seen those signs on the street corners that announce “WE BUY HOUSES” in “ANY CONDITION”.

Anyone can make that statement and anyone can afford to buy a few of those cheap plastic signs and stick them out along the roadways. But have you wondered, if you called the local number on those signs, who would be on the other end of the line asking for your most personal information?

In most cases it might be someone who just attended the most recent “How To Buy Houses Without Cash” seminar, or even worse someone looking to scam you. They are hiding behind a generic sign, and you just don’t know.

1-800-CashOffer is a nationwide network of Professional Homebuyers that have the experience and the financial resources to purchase your home quickly, for cash, in its current condition. Most of the homebuyers in our network purchase more than 25 homes per year and many have been buying homes full-time for a decade or more. They have handled almost any issue that can arise when it comes to evaluating your home and your unique situation, they can make you a fair offer within 24 hours, and they can purchase your house for CASH. But most of all, they are professionals, not amateurs that just walked out of a “how to be an investor” seminar.

Often when people find themselves needing to sell their home quickly, they are dealing with a delicate situation and time is of the essence to find a solution. You have many choices when it comes selling your home to a real estate investor. With 1-800-CashOffer you know you will be calling a professional that has ethical standards and is committed to making a fast and fair offer. We encourage you to call us today to speak with your local 1-800-CashOffer professional. Because our 24-hour Cash Offer is free and made to you with no obligation on your part, you have nothing to lose.

How It Works

  1. Fill out or Home Seller Form or call us at 1-800-CashOffer and provide your basic home and contact information.
  2. We will review your property details, compare it to similar homes in your market, and then follow up with you to gather more information.
  3. Depending on your situation, we may make you a cash offer right over the phone, or schedule a time to visit your house to properly estimate the repairs we’ll need to do. Either way – we’ll make you a cash offer for your home.
  4. Once you have your offer – there’s no obligation! If you accept our offer, we can work with you on a closing date that is convenient for you. Sometimes as fast as 5 days, or up to 90 days if you need time. It’s up to you!
  5. There’s no need for you to do any repairs, clean out unwanted furniture, or clean up the yard – we handle everything! You simply take anything you want and move on.
  6. One we close, you’ll have cash in your hand and can move on! If you are looking for another house to buy, we can often give you a great deal on a property we’ve completely fixed up like new!

That’s it! We want to make the process as easy and hassle free as possible. If you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts – please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau.

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