Cash Offer National TV Commercials

A new year, a new set of TV spots! Here at we are excited to roll out our new series of television commercials. We’ll be updating them throughout the year and refining our media plan as we go.

The first commercial is 15 seconds long and focuses on getting the Cash Offer message out as quickly and simply as possible.

Cash Offer Home Buyers – 15 Second Commercial

The second spot is 30 seconds long. With twice as much time, we can explain how it works just a bit more.

Cash Offer Home Buyers – 30 second Commercial

When advertising on television (broadcast or cable) we use a mix of 30 and 15 second spots to maximize the the number of commercials we can run while reinforcing the Cash Offer brand with home owners.

With all of our marketing, we try to highlight the trust sellers place in us, our national network of reputable home buyers, that they will get a real cash offer, and that the process is very fast.

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