They Buy Houses Too!

Fort Worth Star-Telegram
June 30, 2008
By Andrea Jares

Southlake-based 1-800-CashOffer, a company that buys homes quickly, is expanding its franchise territory into six new markets.

The company added real estate investors in Dallas; Louisville, Ky; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Portland, Oregon.; West Palm Beach, Fla.; and New Orleans.

People in those areas can get an offer on their home by calling 1-800-CashOffer or by going to the Web site

Owners may be motivated to put their home on the market quickly if they are facing foreclosures or divorce or receive a property as an inheritance, according to the company.

“The current housing market is in a state of turmoil with foreclosures at an all-time high,” Chief Executive Jeremy Brandt said in a statement. “1-800-CashOffer makes that critical connection between sellers in a hurry and trusted local professionals.”

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