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1-800-CashOffer Launches National Brand and Marketing Campaign

DALLAS-–(BUSINESS WIRE)–-In a market that has become synonymous with a “get rich quick” mentality known for taking advantage of homeowners in a bad situation, one company aims to buck the trend by creating a national network of legitimate professional home investors. 1-800-CashOffer announced today that home sellers nationwide now have access to a network of premier homebuyers that can buy their home quickly for cash.

“These days there are many so-called investors in the market that have simply attended a seminar and put some ‘we buy houses’ signs on street corners. These amateurs have tarnished the name of legitimate real estate investors,” said Jeremy Brandt, CEO of 1-800-CashOffer. “However, 1-800-CashOffer homebuyers are professionals that have a proven track record of purchasing homes in their local communities. They have the financial resources and capabilities to purchase homes quickly. The homeowner is the true winner here. They get a cash offer within 24 hours from a source they can trust, without having to pay commissions or make repairs.”

There are several reasons that a homeowner may need to sell their home quickly, such as a possible foreclosure, divorce, or inheritance. Some simply want to sell a house without making repairs or dealing with real estate agents and picky homebuyers. 1-800-CashOffer provides these homeowners with an easy option to convert unwanted property into cash.

1-800-CashOffer actively seeks experienced real estate investors who go through a qualification process to become a Certified Professional Homebuyer. Each investor maintains their individually owned and operated business and subscribes to the 1-800-CashOffer turnkey investment system with national brand development, integrated marketing and lead management systems. Investors share a piece of each market based on their investment in the program and local advertising participation.

“We are building a national brand that will generate instant recognition among motivated home sellers. Since our brand is our phone number and all components are integrated, we believe this will become the most recognized brand in real estate investing,” said Brandt. “And since our model is really the ‘anti-franchise’ – we offer all the support an investor could want, but don’t try to control their business – this will be a brand that will quickly expand across the nation.”

About 1-800-CashOffer
1-800-CashOffer is the premier brand for real estate investors in North America. The company provides a comprehensive marketing, management, education and lending solution for the full-time professional real estate investor. Working with the best and most experienced investors in every market, 1-800-CashOffer legitimizes cash home buying in the eyes of the consumer.
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